Toddler Has Tantrum Over Not Bringing Doll to Daycare — Then Mom's Creative Solution Goes Viral (Exclusive)

• Tiara came up with a way to help her daughter through a difficult moment when the toddler learned she couldn't take her baby doll to daycare
• The dedicated mom took photos with the baby doll throughout her day, sharing them with her daughter later that evening
• Tiara tells PEOPLE the support she got when the video went viral is extra-meaningful to her as a single mom

TikTokers are praising a quick-thinking mom who came up with the perfect way to handle her little girl Emma's big feelings.

Photographer Lets Daughter, 9, Work Wedding with Him — and Is Shocked at Her Photos: 'Career Highlight' (Exclusive)

Jerome Cole has been a wedding photographer for over 15 years. He's seen many beautiful moments unfold before his lens, but nothing quite like a recent experience.

Jerome's 9-year-old daughter, Aisha, has shown interest in her dad's work from a young age. When the dad found himself looking for a second shooter for an upcoming daytime wedding, it seemed like the perfect chance to let his little girl's interest shine.

"Aisha has always shown an interest in arts and crafts in school. She likes dr

How American Mom's 'One-Month Sit' with Confinement Nurse Changed Her Postpartum Experience in Hong Kong (Exclusive)

• Anastasia Koss, originally from the U.S., has lived abroad since 2016
• Koss and her husband decided to get a postpartum confinement nurse ahead of the birth of their daughter in February
• Koss tells PEOPLE that the postpartum help allowed her to bond with her baby and focus on recovery

Anastasia Koss is grateful of the help she's received in her motherhood journey.

The content creator and singer, who goes by @ak_mao on TikTok, was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in New York, spending

Mom of 7 Under 9 Goes Viral for Sharing Morning Routine Weeks After Welcoming Twins (Exclusive)

• Alexa Smith is a mom of seven under the age of 9, including newborn twins
• The mom of seven shared what her solo morning looks like after her husband, a police officer, was called into work
• Alexa tells PEOPLE what the support for her big family and their lives has meant to her

A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

That's the opinion of Alexa Smith, @alexamsmith7 on TikTok, who has gone viral for sharing scenes from her life as a mom of seven little ones under the age of 9.

Alexa tel

Boy, 11, Learns Photography Skills, Then Captures Beautiful Photos of Newborn Sister: 'Meant So Much' (Exclusive)

• Rachel and her husband Reuben are self-taught photographers who have started sharing their passion with their son
• Chris, the oldest of the couple's three children, has enjoyed taking photos of his family members as he practices photography
• The photos taken by the 11-year-old have gone viral on TikTok as people admire the special way he captures his parents and siblings

Rachel and Reuben Norstrom are proud of their budding photographer: son Chris.

Rachel, who goes by @rachelnorstrom acro

Wife Goes Viral for Sharing What Husband Packs Her for Lunch — Including Butter and Bottles of BBQ Sauce (Exclusive)

• Annie and Janson Hoskins like to help each other out by packing each other's lunches when they can
• Annie sharing what Janson packed in her lunch, which fans of the couple are now calling "chaos lunches," went viral as people had never seen a set up like it
• The couple tells PEOPLE they never expected to go viral for a funny moment in their marriage, but have grown to love the community they built around their mealtime antics

A husband's interpretation of what his wife needed for lunch wen

Scott Disick Celebrates Father's Day with a Sweet Balloon Surprise from His Three Kids: 'Thanks My Loves'

Scott Disick felt the love from his little ones on Father's Day.

On Sunday, June 16, The Kardashians star, 40, posted a snap on Instagram to show how he enjoyed the holiday with his three kids, Reign, 9, Penelope, 11, and Mason, 14, whom he shares with ex Kourtney Kardashian Barker, 45.

"Happy Father's Day," Disick found spelled out in large silver balloon letters in his living room on the morning of the holiday. "MPR" balloon letters were also placed under the message as a signature from his

Oil Painter Goes Viral for Stunning, Relatable Still Lifes of Food — and One Ends Up in Mean Girls (Exclusive)

Noah Verrier always had a pull towards art, even before he knew what that meant for him.

The painter, who has gone viral for his oil still lifes depicting everyday items from a flower vase to a McDonald's happy meal, tells PEOPLE his love of the arts started at an early age.

"I always did art as a kid. I didn't have an artistic family, really, but I remember every time I would see a painting, I'd be interested. My mom had college painting classes that she was taking, and I'd see that or stuff

Jason Biggs Recalls How 'Special' It Was to Work with Eugene Levy on American Pie, 25 Years Later (Exclusive)

• Jason Biggs is celebrating the 25th anniversary of American Pie by teaming up with EDWARDS® Desserts on the new, limited-edition “Anniversary Apple Pie"
• Biggs and the brand have come up with a new, PG version of the film's iconic pie scene that puts the actor in the dad spot for the first time
• Biggs tells PEOPLE what the iconic film has come to mean to him in the 25 years he's become known and loved for it

Jason Biggs is looking back at the movie that jumpstarted his career.

The actor,

Gwen Stefani Pays Tribute to Husband Blake Shelton on Father's Day: 'We Love U So Much'

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton enjoyed a fun Father's Day with her kids!

The former No Doubt rocker, 54, shared a video on Instagram, packed with pictures of the couple and sons Kingston, 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, 10.

Stefani's video featured Shelton, 47, holding out a bouquet of flowers, along with drawings that her boys made of the family. One particularly funny moment was the country star wearing pink bunny footie pajamas à la A Christmas Story.

The video featured Stefani and Shelton's 202

Mom Allows Firstborn, 7, to Be in Delivery Room, Sharing the Moment She Watches Baby Sister's Birth (Exclusive)

• Ashley Cunningham got the chance to have her 7-year-old daughter in the delivery room with her for the birth of her little sister
• Sophia was prepared for what would happen and, with some help from Grandma, she got to witness the birth
• Ashley tells PEOPLE the bond between the two sisters is that much sweeter after the special moment

Ashley Cunningham experienced a rare moment as she welcomed her second baby girl with her first by her side.

The mom of three, on TikTok as @ashley.cunningha

Tatyana Ali Says Her Young Sons 'Understand' When She Plays a Character on TV: 'It's Just My Job' (Exclusive)

• Tatyana Ali is helping make doulas and midwives more accessible to Black women around the country
• The actress, 45, is releasing a new line of quilts through her brand, Baby Yams —which donates 100% of their proceeds to Black and Indigenous midwives and doulas — in partnership with Birth Future Foundation
• Tatyana tells PEOPLE she's built a beautiful community in her time as a mom to sons Alejandro, 4, and Edward, 7

Speaking with PEOPLE about the latest release for Baby Yams — a limited-

Jason Biggs Puts PG Twist on Iconic American Pie Scene for Film's 25th Anniversary: 'Really Hit Home' (Exclusive)

• Jason Biggs is celebrating the 25th anniversary of American Pie
• Biggs is teaming up with Edwards Desserts to bring pie lovers the new, limited-edition “Anniversary Apple Pie"
• Biggs and the brand have come up with a new, PG version of the film's iconic pie scene that puts the actor in the dad spot for the first time

Jason Biggs is looking back at American Pie, 25 years later.

In celebration of the iconic film's 25th anniversary, Biggs has teamed up with Edwards Desserts to reimagine the

Kylie Kelce Reveals the One Thing She Never Makes Jason Kelce Do on Father's Day: 'I Call Him Off' (Exclusive)

• Kylie Kelce is working with HP and the Eagles Autism Foundation to find creative, screen-free activities to enjoy this summer
• With Neurodiversity Pride Day on June 16, Kylie and EAF have partnered with HP on printable puppets called "Print Pals," custom-designed with experts from EAF and renowned puppeteer Stacey Gordon
• Kylie tells PEOPLE how she's keeping her kids creative this summer and shares Father's Day plans celebrating husband Jason Kelce

Kylie Kelce is excited about summer fun

Mom Shocked When Son Replaces 20 Year Old Discontinued Kitchen Clock Radio: 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' (Exclusive)

• A Canadian mom was getting ready to part with a beloved kitchen appliance
• Lorelai Bachman tells PEOPLE her since-discontinued GE Spacemaker CD/FM/AM Player had been "the soundtrack to our lives" for over two decades
• Lorelei was completely shocked when her son surprised her with a like-new replacement, the exact same as the unit she was first gifted in 2001

One mom had no idea how much an appliance in her kitchen meant to her until she was faced with getting rid of it.

Lorelei Bachman,

Mom Goes Viral Sharing a Dilemma When Her Triplets All Think They Have the Same Name (Exclusive)

• Gabi, known on TikTok as @thattripletmom_, is a mom of four that is sharing her life with triplet toddlers
• A recent viral video revealed that the triplets — Victor, Valentino and Viviana — all believe their name is Victor
• The mom of four hopes that she can show multiple moms how joyful this time of life can be

One triplet mom is loving that the internet is laughing along with her chaotic family life.

Gabi, known on TikTok as @thattripletmom_, has been sharing the sweet and funny moments

Strangers Unknowingly Switch Laptops in Airport Security Line, Then Use Social Media to Find Each Other (Exclusive)

Keeping track of everything when you're traveling isn't always easy. For two travelers passing through New York City, it led to quite the mixup.

One of the two students involved in the swap, Sophie, tells PEOPLE she was passing through John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City on a flight to Barcelona, Spain.

"I was traveling from New York to Barcelona for spring break, then to Madrid and back to New York," she says.

On the same day, Audrey was also traveling for spring break. "M

Rob Lowe Remembers Going to School with Robert Downey Jr., Reflects on His Brat Pack Days: 'All the Feels' (Exclusive)

• Rob Lowe is looking back at his Brat Pack days, sharing with PEOPLE his gratitude for the phenomenon's staying power
• Amid his trip down memory lane, the actor teamed up with Ancestry — along with sons John Owen, 29, and Matthew, 30 — to see how genetics lead to certain shared traits
• Lowe tells PEOPLE that the 'nostalgia' of recent events has brought back many sweet memories

Rob Lowe is looking back at his teenage years, with his two adult sons in tow.

The 9-1-1: Lone Star actor, 60, rec

Influencer Brittani Boren Leach Is Pregnant, Expecting 'Miracle' Baby No. 7 in 2025: 'Keeping a Little Secret'

Brittani Boren Leach is adding another baby to her bunch!

The influencer mom, 33, is pregnant, expecting a new arrival with husband Jeff in 2025. She revealed the exciting news on Instagram on Monday, June 10.

"We’ve been keeping a little secret 🤫 Coming January 2025, our family is growing by two more tiny feet! We can’t wait to meet this little Miracle 💛," she captioned an Instagram Reel, showing her family celebrating the newest addition on a beautiful beach day.

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WNBA's Candace Parker and Wife Anna Petrakova Welcome Baby Boy

The Las Vegas Aces power forward, 38, has welcomed her third baby and second with wife Anna Petrakova. The couple also shares toddler Airr Larry, 2, and Parker is also mom to daughter Lailaa, 14.

"Hartt Summitt Petrakov Parker❤️ May 21, 2024 Our Starting lineup is complete," shared Parker at the start of her Instagram announcement on Monday, June 10.

"We are so in love and grateful for our little brother. Zone defense is ummm interesting, but we are managing. Goose is ummm adjusting 🤣 but he's

Rob Lowe Discusses the 'Beauty' of Being a Dad to Adult Sons as He Learns the Genetic Traits They Share (Exclusive)

• Rob Lowe is taking a closer look at his genetic makeup and the traits he passed along to sons John Owen and Matthew
• Speaking with PEOPLE about their partnership with AncestryDNA, Rob says the deep dive was the perfect Father's Day experience
• The actor also opens up about recognizing his sons as adults and appreciating the relationship they share today

Rob Lowe is exploring what it means to be a dad — on both an emotional and genetic level.

The Unstable actor, 60, and his sons, John Ow

Cookie Shop Owner Calls Out 'Beginning' Influencer, Shares Messages of Her Requesting Free Treats for Her Bridesmaids

A New York cookie company has found itself at odds with influencers after taking a stand against proposed partnerships.

David Maffei, owner of Halfsies Cookie Company, shared an Instagram Reel that revealed an exchange between himself and a bride-to-be who claimed to be an influencer. She tried to set up a collaboration — which included free cookies from the brand to include in her bridesmaid bags.

Maffei showed the messages between the two, where Ana Montealgre's email described herself as an

Darryl M. Bell Shares Memories of 'A Different World''s Iconic Guest Stars Patti LaBelle and Halle Berry (Exclusive)

• The cast of A Different World has enjoyed visiting HBCU campuses throughout this year, looking back at the iconic show's place in television and Black history
• Darryl M. Bell, who portrayed Ron Johnson on the show, tells PEOPLE what it was like hanging out with some of the biggest '80s and '90s stars while filming the sitcom
• The actor also looks opens up about what it's been like engaging with college students, alumni and staff and the demand for more stops on the tour

Darryl M. Bell —

Amy Kennedy Talks Mental Health 'Ebbs and Flows' in Her Family of 7 and Why Access to Care Is Crucial (Exclusive)

• Amy Kennedy has joined Little Otter as a mental health advocate and advisor
• Little Otter offers a unique approach to mental health care rooted in evidence-based practices and data-driven solutions, combining innovative technology with personalized care from licensed professionals
• Kennedy, a mom of five, has championed mental health for years alongside husband Patrick J. Kennedy

Amy Kennedy — co-founder of The Kennedy Forum alongside her husband, Former U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy — is c
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